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Q: What exactly is EAV testing?

A: EAV stands for ElecroAcupuncture According to Voll. EAV is a form of BioEnergetic testing.

Energetic BioAssessment is a nonintrusive, painless method of energetic testing which measures energy imbalances in the body by utilizing an electronic instrument to examine acupuncture meridians.  It can then determine which homeopathic, botanical and nutritional supplements will bring about balance to the body.

Q: Why is BioEnergetic Assessment Useful?

A: Our bodies are being compromised daily by the assault of chemicals, heavy metals, toxins and viruses from the air, the environment and everyday stress.  Balancing bioenergetic patterns requires detoxification as well as nurturing and rebuilding the cells of your body.  Herbal and homeopathic treatment assists your body in eliminating cellular- stored toxins and new, incoming toxins.  As your body is cleansed, the rebuilding phase begins during which cells are provided with adequate building blocks in the form of botanical, homeopathic and nutritional supplements to sustain the healing response and release stress.
Natural healing remedies differ from regular medicine in that they stimulate a healing response.  The correct remedy produces a “resonance” between your body and the substance administered as a therapeutic principle.  This resonance stimulates the body’s natural healing ability and enables Qi or Vital Force to flow freely.

Q: Is BioEnergetic Assessment Diagnostic?

A: It must be understood that while the evaluation is capable of detecting energetic imbalances that may be associated with past, current or potential illness, it cannot predict and does not diagnose the physical presence of illness or disease; nor does it presume to treat or cure any such illness.  By United States law, diagnosis and treatment are considered the practice of medicine, and fall under the sole jurisdiction of licensed medical doctors.  A practitioner who is not a licensed M.D. cannot use or implicate the evaluation as a diagnosis or treatment for any specific illness.

Q: Is BioEnergetic Assessment painful?

A: Absolutely not.  BioEnergetic Assessment is a noninvasive, topical test usually performed just on hands and feet.

Q: Since my child started the homeopathic regime products I have noticed a runny nose & coughing. Is this normal?

A: Yes. Once the detoxification process starts, excretion in all forms can begin. Usually it will only last a few days and generally will be mild. Reactions are considered a positive sign that the body is working the way it was meant to be.

Q: My child has been especially emotional lately, what is this about and what do I do?

A: The body is a flow system and once the toxins begin to move out, emotions can arise and feeling can emerge. Support this process by giving plenty of water to help move out the toxins and either give Relax Tone or Rescue Calm to ease these moments.

Q: How fast can we expect to go with detoxifying our child?

A: The body is built to heal itself and with this protocol it will only go as fast as the body allows. We are not pushing or forcing the toxins out. The body, when unblocked, will naturally rid itself of toxins.

Q: How often should we be seen in your office?

A:  Ideally on a monthly basis to monitor your progress, however telephone consults are offered. We ask that you go no longer than 2 months for an EAV test.

Q: Do I need to do any lab work?

A: No, we can energetically assess you utilizing our EAV machine and give you your results in the office. Additional lab work maybe ordered separate from our process with a recommended practitioner.

Q: How difficult is it to take the supplements?

A: Most tinctures are given in juice and are not noticeable.

Q: Do you offer any additional tests or assessments procedures?

A: Yes, we offer neuroendocrine testing which can give an overall picture of neurotransmitter levels and ratios and also cortisol testing which shows adrenal functioning and possible disturbances within the gastrointestinal tract.

Q: What is Qi or Vital Force?

A: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi (pronounced “chee”) is considered the basic life force or energy in the human body.  When the flow of energy is blocked for any reason, there is a disruption of health resulting in pain or disease.  Through proper stimulation with nutritional, botanical, homeopathic substances as well as flower essences (emotional support) and body work, blocked energy can be released and health restored.

Q: Do I have to change everything in my life?

A: Some healthy changes will be suggested in an effort to help your body handle factors such as stress, environmental toxins and food toxins.
The extent to which an individual may be helped depends on many factors including the nature of the energy imbalance, its duration and the willingness of the individual to participate in the healing process.  Rather than a passive approach to health we encourage and assist you to become a responsible partner in the process of health maintenance enabling increased vitality and a stronger, healthier life.