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WaveFront 2000

wavefront_master_front2_flatRemedy Testing Available with the WaveFront 2000

The WaveFront 2000 is an electronic device that detects the unique, subtle electro-magnetic frequency information of any substance placed in its input well and imprints the signal into a carrier fluid placed in the output well. The signal can be inverted to form an anti-allergen remedy. The WaveFront also attaches to the Avatar and is used to imprint the energy characteristics of remedies determined by the Avatar system.

Using an ailing patient’s saliva, the WaveFront 2000 will produce energetically identical samples creating homeopathic remedies. Once the patient takes the inverted signal remedy this has the effect, through homeopathic processes, of aiding their system and will create a healing process.

The process of imprinting is accepted by the College of Applied Kinesiology, chiropractors, and Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique practitioners. It is also the basis of homeopathic treatments.